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Loan Options are seemingly endless.

The team at First Class Loans will guide you through the at times complex maze of home loans to ensure you are able to make the best informed decision you can. Lending options in Australia can be very confusing and complex. The First Class Loans team will give you the best information to make the right choices to benefit you in the short term, medium term and and into the future.  
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Debt Consolidation

Many Australians are paying far too much on their mortgages.  When you first took out your home loan you (or your broker) probably spent time researching a number of loans to check that you got the mortgage that best suited your needs at a competitive rate. 
Interest rate discounts have increased substantially over the past couple of years however these bigger discounts are usually only offered to NEW to lender clients.

You would usually consider debt consolidation to reduce monthly repayments or just to simplify your financial structure.   If you are finding it difficult to meet your repayments each month or just find it difficult to juggle numerous debts and repayments, debt consolidation might be a good option.

To weigh up the pros and cons of debt consolidation, have a quick chat  with one of our lending specialists.

Home Loans

Investment Loans

We help you to make informed decisions when it comes time to choosing and structuring your home loan. Most lenders offer a professional type loan giving you a discounted interest rates and other benefits.  We are often able to get bigger discounts that you could do yourselves.

We deal with over 35 lenders and look for a loan and lender who will fit with your needs.  Not all loans are the same.  We work closely with your accountant or financial planner  and we take the time to ask you questions about what your need are and them find a good solution for you.

We also organise pre approvals which means all you need to do is find the property and negotiate the price.

First Home Buyers

Relocation Loans

As a first home buyer, it’s natural that you’ll have lots of questions to ask – including:

  • How much do I need to save for the deposit?
  • How Much Can I Borrow?
  • What is Mortgage Insurance (LMI) and will I need to pay it?
  • How Much Do I Need For Stamp Duty?
  • What is the best loan to get?

We love to help you answer these and many more questions you have not thought about yet.  We work with you through your whole journey.

A relocation loan is a type of loan offered by a few lenders in the market which enables you to purchase your new home before you sell your existing home.  

Say you are thinking of upsizing but haven’t yet sold.  You go out to have a quick look at what is available in the market and you suddenly find the home of your dreams. 

This is where the relocation loan comes in.  We can organise the finance to purchase before you sell.  You only make loan payments on the loan you will have assuming you have sold which makes if affordable.  You then have 6 months to sell.  All this at normal home loan interest rates. 

Self Employed

Construction Loans

When a self-employed person is applying for a loan it can sometimes be a challenge. Many lenders only consider an application looking at the persons last two years full financials. This can be difficult for a self-employed to supply at times.
We deal with lenders who are more flexible in their approach with some looking at only the last years financials and some looking at the cash flow of the business.

We can offer solutions to many self employed who don’t fit the traditional bank lending methods.

If you’re building a new home or planning major renovations to your existing home, a construction loan is generally the most appropriate funding option.

The difference between a ‘construction loan’ and a ‘standard home loan’ is that instead of a lump sum payment at settlement, the loan is usually drawn down in stages. Draw downs coincide with the initial purchase of the land (where applicable) and at the completion of a number of key construction stages.  You only make loan payments based on the amount you have drawn down.

Renovating and Extending

Land Loans

The question of how to pay for home improvements is often the obstacle that delays or limits what you would like to achieve.
There are several ways to finance all or part of the project costs and will be happy to provide advice on the most suitable options to suit your needs.

We are able to organise the right loan for your land purchase.  Not all lenders will accept vacant land as acceptable security – we can save wasting time with those that won’t.

Car and Equipment loans

Pre Approved loans

We can arrange a loan for personal or business use be it a car, van, a truck or crane etc. Depending on your financial needs loan terms can be up to 7 years and we can also include a residual/balloon payment. Let us arrange a pre-approval so you can negotiate the best price when dealing with a dealership or a seller.

If you are looking to purchase a property, a pre approval puts you in a much better position when it comes to negotiating the purchase price.  You are able to negotiate with the confidence that you have the funds ready to go.

Lenders we work with include:

Let’s help you save money with your loans.

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Get your FREE property Report.

Get your FREE property Report. ou are considering selling your property, renovating or refinancing, this report will help you make an informed decision on the actual value of the property. These systems are used by some Major lenders. The retail cost is $39 however we give it to you for FREE.

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