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Why Use a First Class Loans broker?

In most instances, the service that First Class Loans provides is free to the borrower. The lending institution pays First Class Loans for processing and bringing them the loan. It is obviously cheaper for the lender if First Class Loans meets with the client, explains the benefits of their product and helps the client to complete the application form and supply all the required supporting documentation.

You also get the following advantages:

Best Rate: Mortgage lending is a very competitive business. Often one bank will offer the best rate today while another will offer a better rate tomorrow. There is no one bank that you can count on for the best rate. At First Class Loans we see daily the rates of the most competitive lenders.

Flexibility: Each bank has their products that they offer. Some lenders will only accept clients with perfect credit. Others require large down payments or full documentation. Some will do alternative loans types but are not priced competitively. We have relationships with multiple lenders and know which lender has the best product for your scenario.

Convenience: With First Class Loans, you get personalised service. You can also call us after banker’s hours to answer any questions. Our aim is to so impress you with service and support that a mutually beneficial long standing relationship is formed.

Expertise: In the state of NSW, the FBAA (Finance Brokers Association of Australia), requires Accredited Mortgage Consultants to get 25 hours of continued education every year. Additionally all loan writers at First Class Loans are required to meet a minimum education standard of a Certificate IV in Financial Services/Mortgage broking. We are experts in the loan process and at matching a borrower with a lender.

Mistakes to avoid

Some borrowers think or have been told that by going to the bank directly they will save on rates and fees. This is a mistake that can cost you thousands of dollars or even cost you the ability to get a loan at all. Here are some of the pitfalls you avoid by using First Class Loans.

Too much shopping: Some people run around from one lender to the next trying to find the very best rate. Unfortunately, this can do more harm than good. First, when you apply for a loan, the bank conducts a credit check. Too many inquiries on your credit record can lower your credit score making it harder for you to get a loan at the best rate.

Going to the wrong lender: Lenders have specific loan programs. You may not be eligible for one lender’s program while you would be with another. Often during the verification process problems or issues are discovered. When you go straight to the lender, the lender becomes immediately aware of the problem and may turn you down. You will have to restart the process again with a new lender. By this time rates may have gone up or your purchase contract may expire.

At First Class Loans can help you identify the problem before it goes to the lender. Additionally, if a new lender is needed, then First Class Loans takes you there seamlessly by using the same file.

How we can help you?

At First Class Loans our Mortgage Brokers are passionate about helping clients achieve their financial and lifestyle goals. We firmly believe that knowledge is power. 
Your home is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your lifetime, and your mortgage, one of the biggest debts you will ever have. This is why we offer obligation free catch ups to discuss any questions you may have about your mortgage as well as regular information nights with local property industry experts.
We work with you to help you achieve your short, medium and long term financial goals by offering a truly personalised service.


Looking to purchase? Let us help you find a great home loan. We do all the hard work and leave you to find the perfect home.


We take the stress out of doing the work yourselves and organise great deal for you at the same time.

Top up Loans

Want a little extra cash for a holiday or similar? Let us help you get the top up loan approved. We will probably get you a better deal with your lender in the process.


It's a fun process organising to renovate. Let us help you organise the funding for it.

First Home

Wanting to buy your first home however not too sure where to start? We have helped lots of First Home Buyers achieve their goal. of home ownership.

Self Employed

Loans for the self employed can be tricky sometimes. We work with your accountant to show you all your options.

What Clients are Saying

Lenders we work with include:


Meet the team

David Donnelly

Founder - First Class Loans
David founded First Class Loans and has been helping people get loans for over 20 years. He loves to help people achieve things they didn't think they could.

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Etiayou are considering selling your property, renovating or refinancing, this report will help you make an informed decision on the actual value of the property. These systems are used by some Major lenders. The retail cost is $39 however we give it to you for FREE.

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